This is a question which has been posed to me numerous times over the past couple of months. And, it still surprises me every time it is asked. Usually, when I tell people I am a copywriter, they follow it up with, ‘Okay. What does that mean?’ So, allow me to give you the slightly longer than an abridged version of what a copywriter is, what we can do for your business, and why it is worth hiring us.

What is a copywriter

The boring description: a copywriter is a person who writes the text for websites, marketing material and basically anything a business needs written.

The real description: Copywriters write the text which creates your online persona. From your website and blogs, to your e-newsletters, brochures and other marketing material, a copywriter can get inside your customer’s head and make them NEED to buy your product. This is done by showcasing your business’ personality and your passion for your business.

And this brings me too…

What can a copywriter do for your business

A good copywriter doesn’t just write boring and generic descriptions of your business. We take time to get to know you and your customers so that when we write about your business, we are selling more than just your products.

Let me give you an example:

Recently I was approached by a client who was seeking help writing her team bios for her website’s About page. When she tried to write them she got stuck with the boring jargon that she thought needed to be there. After sending her a questionnaire, I was able to create bios that captured the emotion of her trade and which would speak to her clientele. In truth, while editing the bios, I got a little teary because what I had written struck a chord with me. And if it did that to me even after reading it several times, imagine what it would do to her clientele! We also found a more appropriate place to put that jargon.

copywriter hero; super copywriter; copywriters need capescopywriter hero; super copywriter; copywriters need capes
A copywriter will save your customers from boring text

Why should you hire a copywriter?

I get it: no-one knows your business better than you, so why hire someone to write about your business? Because copywriters know words. We know the techniques required to make the text sing and to make customers click ‘buy’.

Good copywriters also know how to do effective research. We will take time researching your business, your competitors and your clients so that when we create that text, we are using all the right words, and tugging on all the right strings so that you get the best return.

Just like my example above, a copywriter also knows what is important in a certain text and what is better left elsewhere. A good copywriter will tell you this because we want what is best for your business.

So, there you have it. You now know what a copywriter is and why you should hire one. If you need more convincing, contact me and I will be happy to work my wordy magic on you.

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