One of the most common questions I get asked is, what copy/pages does my website need?

The answer can be tricky because no two websites are the same. My first response is always, ‘A home page, contact page, about page and services.’ Everything else is negotiable. Some people don’t want an entire page dedicated to testimonials. Some have different arms of their businesses that need their own pages. Some want individual pages for their services. And that is fine. There is no ‘rule’ for what a website should look like, but there are obvious dos and don’ts.


Home Page

When I write copy for a home or landing page, I always write it last. The reason being I allow the rest of the website to dictate what I write.

The role of the home page is to direct a consumer deeper into your website. But you have to do it in as little as 3 seconds. So, everything written here must entice the consumer to click the ‘read more’ buttons. Start with concise summaries of your KEY services. Any interesting information about the company, i.e. generational information, years of experience, fun facts about past projects etc., are great fodder for the home page.

Location and service area are also significant additions to this page. Your consumers will immediately want to know if you are local or able to service them. So, have that information easily accessible, preferably at the top of the page, as consumers won’t want to hunt for it.

Opening hours are also another good thing to include on your home page. But, if your web designer has included it in the footer, don’t double up.


Writing business bios should be like meeting a group of people

Writing a business bio should be like meeting new people.

The About Page

I have previously written this cheat’s guide to writing staff and business bios, so I’m not going to rehash it. So, I’m going to tell you why you should have an About page on your website.

A business bio tells your customer who you are and why they should choose you over your competitors. It is how you establish consumer trust in a flooded market. In a small community, your business bio can be personalised and include your business ‘why’ and a little personal information which creates even more consumer buy-in.

At the very least, your business bio should set you apart from your competitors by highlighting your expertise, experience, or even a top problem solved.

Some larger organisations like to go the extra step of including small staff bios, which is also fine as sometimes customers like to put a face to the name.



Your services page needs more than just a bullet-pointed list of what you do. It should detail each service in at least 150 words per service. I always recommend starting with the problem and how your service can fix it. The copy can also include what tools you use, roughly how long it takes, and even the price if you feel like listing it.

If relevant, you may feel like including an FAQ section at the bottom of your services page. I am a fan of this idea though if you are in a business with overlapping services, you may also want to have a separate FAQ page.

When writing your services copy, the key takeaway is to think like a consumer. Remember, you aren’t just writing it to hit a word count. You are trying to show up in searches for that service, so utilise the terms that customers are likely to Google. If you need help in compiling this list, I am always available for a chat.



Your contact page doesn’t need an extensive amount of copy. I generally only write up to 50 words as a cover paragraph. The rest is usually a form and other contact information. If you have regular shop hours, I recommend including this on the Contact page and in your website footer.

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What else, you ask?

What Other Pages Should I have?

It really depends on the business and you. Some clients like to have separate pages for everything. Others like to have direct contact with the client, so they want as little information as possible on their website. There really is no right or wrong formula, just so long as you have some online presence that best represents your business.

I will never try to sell your copy that you don’t need, and the group of trusted web designers I work with will also ensure you are getting what you need for your business. So, if you want my honest advice about your website, give me a call.


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