I’m fortunate to not be niched to one style of writing. This affords me unique perspectives on traditional styles and allows creativity to flow through all my pieces of writing.


Blog writing is one of my favourite forms of business writing. Blogs allow you the freedom to write in virtually any tone you want, while also injecting the writer’s personality. They also allow you to share your passion for certain parts of your business. Blogs are also a fabulous marketing tool because they help generate connections with new clients, and can drive traffic to a website.

A well-crafted blog takes time to write. If you aren’t a writer, you can spend many frustrating hours typing up something which may or may not be suitable for your business. Why not leave the stress of creating a great blog for someone who enjoys writing – like me? That way you will have more time free to do what you love.

To see samples of my blog writing, why not head to MY Blog?

Web Content

Statistics show that you have three seconds to grab a reader’s attention when they land on your webpage. In that three seconds, you need to be able to tell the reader who you are and what you offer. If they get to the bottom of your text, you then have the chance to employ your call to action. That is, you can tell the reader what you want from them next.

As part of my web writing services, I can provide you with concise, tailored content, with strong calls to action to keep your clients moving through your website.

Business and Staff Bios

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that people are wanting to make more human connections. What better way to make those connections and entice more consumers to buy local, than to show them the human side of your business? Having authentic business and staff bios on your website allows consumers to take a peak behind the shop front and get to know you and your staff more. If you can show customers why you are in business, highlight your expertise in your field and your genuine passion for what you do, I guarantee they will want to shop with you.


I cannot stress enough the importance of a well written, professionally presented resume. From the layout to the words that are (and are not) on the page, your resume tells potential employers what sort of person you are; all before you set foot in the door. Hiring a professional to write your resume and cover letter, will save you stress while increasing your chances of securing that job interview.

I have extensive experience writing resumes for the mining sector and can help you tailor a resume to suit recruitment agencies. All of my resumes are ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly. But, if you are looking for something more creative, I can also help.

My resume writing package includes a 30 minute consult, professionally written resume and cover letter plus PDF copies of your qualification certificates (if applicable). If you have a specific job application in mind, I can also customise a cover to suit.


Sports writing requires more than just a love of sport. Sure, it helps to write with passion, but sports writing also involves analysis of statistics and play. I also like to ensure I keep abreast of the latest news of the teams whom I will be writing about because this also helps in writing a thorough analysis.

I like to inject some creative writing techniques into my sports reports as I feel this makes them more enjoyable. Adding colourful descriptions of what takes place on the court or field gives life to the writing, for anyone not able to see it happen in person.

It’s no surprise that most of my sports writing at the moment surrounds netball and I am lucky to be a sports journalist for Fox Netball and Netball Scoop.

Feature Articles

Feature articles are always challenging to write because they take a very special set of skills. There are a few different ways they could be written and knowing which may suits the subject matter is where my training comes in.

Many of the feature articles I have written for Netball Scoop are easy to ready. But in order to achieve that, I had spent hours interviewing and even more, hours researching and then tugging the right strings to find the story. These same obstacles are required whether I’m writing a feature on a person or writing about climate change: research, interviews, and untangling of the web to find the angles of the story.

I love the challenge of feature writing and hope to do more of it in the future.


Grant writing is like essay writing, in that it requires extensive research: You need to know the topic (in this case the project); your organisation and who the stakeholders are and how the project will impact them. You also need to have a thorough budget mapped out and understand your provider’s principals.

All of this needs to be spelt out in a concise application.

Each application takes time to prepare and can be quite involved. Having someone who is specialised in writing such applications and has performed relationships with providers can play in your favour.


Newsletters can be used for various reasons and, therefore, require different tones and elements. They can be written to inform and educate potential new clients or they can be for internal use, that is, only for the eyes of the employees of the business.

Because each newsletter-style targets different demographics, it can be difficult to determine what needs to be included. This is why, when I write a newsletter, I ensure that I keep the audience foremost in my mind. By doing this, I can target the content of the newsletter specifically to the reader which is likely to keep them engaged: because no one likes to read boring newsletters.


To write a useful brochure for business, the writer needs to ensure they tick several structural boxes. That is, the brochure must:

  • target the audience/reader
  • highlight the business purpose/services
  • tell the reader why they should engage the business
  • state why this business is different from others in the field
  • project a little of the business’ personality

When I write a brochure for a business, like the attached example, I ensure that I take the time to get to know the business and the people who run it. By doing this, I am not only ticking all of the boxes, but I am providing my client with a tailored, unique brochure which sets them apart from their competitors.


Even the most engaging speaker will lose an audience if their speech content is non-exciting. This is why when creating a speech for you I will take the time to get to know you as well as your content; because I firmly believe that all good speeches are written for the presenter just as much as for the audience or purpose.

I also pride myself on creating exciting speech content. I employ a range of rhetorical devices which are guaranteed to captivate and hold the audience’s attention from the greeting to the ‘thank-yous’.