Inspiration can be a fickle mother. I’ll admit that I struggle to find blog topics for myself sometimes. Usually I can find topics for my clients much easier than I can for myself. In fact, I’ve had a few blog brainstorming sessions with various clients over the past few weeks. Usually they go something like this:

Client: How many blogs can you write about (*insert client’s product here)?

Me: Let’s start with two a month and take it from there. Do you have any ideas about what you want covered?

Client: No. What would you recommend?

Me: Well, are there any questions which clients ask you frequently? We can write blogs covering those. Or, we can go right back to basics and start with topical explanations about your product and what it does? Behind-the-scenes glimpses are always popular, as well.

As you can see based on my last response, we suddenly have six months’ worth of content where the client thought we had none. Not seeing it? Allow me to explain:

I am working with a new client who is a cabinet maker. He isn’t sure what sort of blogs he wants written. So, my first question of what questions is he asked frequently garnered us at least three blogs. Then the going back to basics idea for a cabinet maker would include ideas that are trade specific and pop up regularly in the client’s line of work. Such examples would be ‘how to maximise space in your kitchen renovation’, or ‘choosing colours for your new kitchen’ or “renovating a bathroom around your family”. Then the final, behind-the-scenes blogs can focus on the installation process, or what goes on at a trade show, or a walk through on how to choose the layout of their new renovation.

Redhead girl sitting in front of art work. Art gallery. Ranga. biblical pictures. angles. relgion. Red. Paintings. Rainbows, ships. Royals. Royalty. Redhead girl sitting in front of art work. Art gallery. Ranga. biblical pictures. angles. relgion. Red. Paintings. Rainbows, ships. Royals. Royalty.
Seems corny but, yes, pictures can provide you with a myriad of inspiration.
Coming up with blog ideas doesn’t have to take a brainstorming session each time. I find many of my ideas (either for myself or my clients) come to me when I am doing the most mundane things like peeling potatoes or hanging washing. Or, they roll into my head like a wrecking ball while I am having a conversation. I have been known to have a mid-conversation outburst of “Oh that’ll make a good blog!”, (again not always for my blog).

I’m a creative person, so my brain is always working to find inspiration for new stories. For non-creative types this can be a little tricky to do, so here are some tips to inspire your business blogs:

1. Try drawing inspiration from breaking news (industry specific or non) or even recycled news.

2. Use the ‘5 W’s & H’: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Ask the questions about your product and, voila, there are your blog headings.

3. Keep a list of your ideas. There will be days when you come up with several blog ideas, and there will be weeks when you have no inspiration. So, keeping a list for the dry weeks will be a lifesaver for your blog.

4. Find out your most successful blog and do a follow up six to twelve months later.

Blogging can be hard sometimes, so if you ever need a hand finding inspiration, please feel free to contact me for a brainstorming session.

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