In February 2018 I wrote an article for a website for free. Why would I do this? Because this website has a massive following in Australia and overseas, and they have 22-thousand followers on social media. I would be stupid to turn down a chance at gaining that level of exposure. Since my article has gone live, it has become one of the most clicked on articles on their site for the last six months, and I have seen flow-on effects across my promotional channels, in the form of my likes and followers. I am lucky that this opportunity has fallen into my lap, but most people aren’t this fortunate. So, if you fall into the latter category, what can you do to get yourself greater online exposure, and at minimal cost?

1. Create a platform for your writing

Writer’s Edit confirms that creating a website, a place where you can feature your toils, is the best way to promote yourself as it allows your followers easy access to your body of work.

I can also vouch that a website is a great weapon to have in your arsenal when you apply for freelance work

It acts a virtual portfolio or resume, and shows prospective employers what you are all about. For a writer (or any artist), this is much easier than carrying around a clunky portfolio.

Websites don’t have to be costly to create. Platforms like Wix, Weebly and WordPress, offer free web hosting or well-priced ad-free domains.

2. Create relevant social media channels

Social media is the best way to self-promote because it is free and has millions of users. However, you must ensure you create your presence on a platform which targets the right audience while also being relevant to you. For example, Pinterest is a visual platform, with a very specific clientele, so doesn’t suit a writer like me. Whereas, Instagram or Facebook don’t really have a demographic of users and they allow for larger text-based posts.

When you do join social media, ensure you engage with your community regularly. Post several times a week and respond to comments. You want your followers to feel that you are worth the time they invest. And, Writer’s Digest confirms that regular interaction with your followers also gets you noticed more on social media.

3. Blog regularly

Having a blog which you update regularly will bolster your profile. The blogs don’t have to be long, nor do they have to be significant. You can post about anything from how to create an online presence, to the troubles you are having editing your new book. The important thing is, your fans are learning what sort of voice you have and are also getting a glimpse behind your public veil.

A few quick tips:

  1. Volunteer your expertise – it sharpens your skills while also getting you extra exposure;
  2. Utilise hashtags – Particularly on Instagram and Facebook, using a hashtag can gain you, innumerable followers;
  3. Social media is meant to be fun and social, so don’t make all your posts about work. Share some silly memes or jump on a theme such as #throwbackthursday. The key is to show your personality.

These are some small drops of advice in an ocean full of useful self-promotional tips, but I hope that they are of some use to you.

By Published On: March 12th, 2018Categories: Blog