By guest blogger: Jess Fazackerley

According to the Sensis social media report, 59% of all consumers utilise social media sites at least once a day. 57% of users jump on first thing in the morning and a whopping 71% utilise social media in the evening. This proves that social media is an excellent way to engage consumers with your brand and that you just need to know how.

The first place to start with social media marketing is to look at your content. What is it you are trying to express to your consumers? And where do you start? Well, let me help you there. It should start with a mission. Something to inspire, inform or excite your consumers about your brand (Satell, 2011) and designed to find a way to “bridge the gap between what the marketer wants to say and what the consumer needs to hear”(Ashley & Tuten, 2014).

Once you have figured out your mission, you can then look at what platform is right for you to deliver it on as they are not all the same, and a good strategy on a few channels is better than lacklustre content on all of them.

The top three social media sites according to Sensis are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. With messenger being the most used messaging platform with 81% of users having the service (Sensis, 2017).

But which platform is right for you? You don’t want to just jump on them all. Rather, you want the ones that will engage your consumers the best. Facebook is a universal platform for all businesses and should be utilised by all. If you are an upcoming author, then Goodreads and BookBub are great niche platforms for you to engage consumers who are interested in reading.

Another is YouTube as you can create cost-effective videos designed to target your intended audience, for example how to videos for the best way to use your product. Or video trailers for upcoming book releases. These can also be shared through your other platforms and your website. This may seem expensive or time-consuming but there is an increase of 80% in conversions on websites that have a video on their landing page (Reid, 2018). Therefore, worth your time and expenses in the long run.

The main thing is to do research on what platforms will engage your consumers with your mission the most, as a small shoe business will not do well on Goodreads but could dominate on Instagram. Figure out the intended audience that you want to engage with, then find out and what platform they utilise the most and start there.

Jessie Fazackerley is the owner/operator of Jessie’s Marketing and Finance Service. She is a mumpreneaur, financial planner and marketing guru who is passionate about all things marketing, reading and helping independent authors share their works with the world.

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