No longer is writing a solo job!

Hi! I’m Katrina, the owner and chief marketing strategist of KN Writing.

I have a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing and a Certificate in Digital Marketing. These qualifications are beautifully complimentary and allow me to flex my creativity when creating a strategic marketing plan for my clients.

My Approach

I am a firm believer that customers will approach a business because of the services they provide but choose to stay because of the people. So, I use my interviewing skills to ask the right questions which allow me to get a good read of person and company so I can write copy that perfectly captures the persona of the business and its employees. I do this because when a potential customer clicks on the website, I want them to automatically feel connected to the company through the copy.

One of my favourite aspects of my job is that no two days are the same. On Monday, I could be writing web copy for a client’s brand-new website, Wednesday it might be staff bios for a long-established business, and on Friday, I could be writing blogs. All the while, I am eagerly researching and learning new things about my clients’ services. So, as much as I hate clichés, I am also learning something new every day.

Come for a Coffee! ☕️☕️☕️

You would be forgiven for thinking that writing is a solitary job, but in reality, it isn’t. I love meeting my clients at coffee shops all around Mackay (I am a writer after all – our bodies are 75% coffee!). During these chats, I take the time to get to know my clients and figure out their ‘why’s’. I believe this is how a copywriter makes a difference to a business. Getting to know our clients is essential so that we can better express their passion for their business.

Learn More in Person

So, that’s me and my business. I’d love to tell you more over a coffee sometime – how convenient is it that my office is right above a great coffee shop?! 😉

Hi! I’m Nicky, the admin officer of KN Writing.

I am a busy mum of 5 so, Katrina has graciously let me work from home.

A Bit of Background Info

I’ve worked in the childcare industry for over 20, building up my skills and qualifications until I achieved an Advanced Diploma in Child Care. I am based in Brisbane and have worked at my centres and at some of the most exclusive pre-kindy centres attached at prestigious schools around the region.

When I was pregnant with my 5th child, I made the tough decision to give up my childcare career. This was for a number of reasons: the need for a change being one of them. I started studying a Certification III in Administration when I joined KN Writing. I am loving the flexibility of my new role, despite being a little slower on the computer than I would like!

My Role with KN Writing

Primarily I am in charge of typical admin duties including invoicing and scheduling.

I am also learning my way around social media, how to write a killer resume, researching blog topics for Katrina and a few other bits which Katrina is teaching me. The role is challenging but I love the variety. And, is it nerdy to say that this role is fun for me? 🤔🤫

Away from Work

With 5 kids, my work-free time is chaotic. Typically our weekends are spent commuting from one sport to another, walking our French Bulldog, Yoda and enjoying days at the beach.